LD-1325 Woodworking CNC Router


LD Woodworking CNC Router are widely used in process for Single Lines, Milling, 3D Cutting and Engraving. LD Company is a professional woodworking CNC Router manufacturer with 8+ years experience, whose woodworking CNC Router could be found in Furniture Processing Industry, Woodworking Decoration, Wood Art Work, Home Decoration, Doors Manufacturing, etc.


  • Integrally Cast Lathe Bed, Robust and without distortion.
  • 3-axis Transmission with imported Ball Screws ensures Stable and Smooth movement of the machine.
  • Application of driver with High Definition Subdivision ensures Fast Speed and High Accuracy.
  • High Power Spindle, Brushless, Air Cooling, working vigorously with Low Noise, guarantees Long Time Mass Processing.
  • Optimized mechanical and electrical design with well-selected Brand Parts minimizes breakdown rate.
  • Humanized design ensures Easy disassembly of the machine for Convenient transportation.
LD-1325 Spare Parts
LD-1325 Machine Parts
LD-1325 Machine Parts2

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