Fully Automatic Cold Laminators

Model  :  AWT-1600

1.6m  cold laminator

Product Features:

1, High laminating rate, high laminating yield, it will always be in the right position for the 50m film.

2, Uncover the backing paper automatically

3, Good control of coating machine system makes the film much more expansion and also reduce the risk of wrinkle.

4, Passive pressurized system, adjust the pressure according to different materials, and totally solve the problem of the wrinkle of thin gum

5, Unilateral linkage, the free relaxed fluctuation

6, Imported rubber roller, thermo stability, Permanently Resiliency, long service life


Wide range of application

Be suitable for
Panaflex banner cold lamination , Self Adhesive Vinyl cold lamination

Rated voltage 220V
Frequency 50HZ-60HZ
Laminating temperature Room temp.
power 60W
Laminating thickness 50mm
Speed gear controlling stepless
Gross weight 150kg
Dimensions 1880x480x1200mm
Packing size 1860*470*475mm
Diameter of roller 130mm
Length of rubber roll 1600mm
Laminating width ≤1580mm
Laminating speed 0.4~10m/min
Scope of suitable film thickness 10~250mic
Foot-propelled switch available
The raise height of working roller 50mm
Method of pressure adjustment Manual
Automatically unconvering film
and rolling the backing paper device
Max.Roll film OD 200mm
The diameter specification of roll film 2.25″& 3″