Non-Woven Fabric Bag Making Machine

Bag Making Machine
Bag Printing machine parts


It adopts the PLC Programmable Logic Controller as Main Control, Touch Screen. (Made in Taiwan)

Unwinding tension is controlled by Magnetic System. Edge Positioning Control System (EPC).

Equipped with Photoelectric Tracking Material, stopping automatically when the material is finished.

Stepping motor for feeding material. (YASKAWA servo motor EXTRA cost for your choice.)

Photoelectrical Eyes for Tracking Printed Bag and the Feeding Error.

Vector Inverter as Speed Regulator.

Ultrasonic for Cross Sealing for export standard quality.(Taiwan Mingyou)

Automatic Accounting and set Table Counting Alarm.

It is Suitable for making following types of Bags

T-Shit Bags

T-Shirt Bags (Extra Punching)

Shoe Bags

Shoe Bags

D-Cut Bottom Gusset Bags

D-Cut Bottom Gusset Bags

D-Cut Bags

D-Cut Bags

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